FFXI - State of the Server

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Heya everyone! Currently server is on HARDMODE. Why? Because it is taking MUCH longer than anticipated to get the server version worked out. I will be updating it about every 3 weeks or so, but DSP keeps changing rather deeper adjustments which tends to break a lot of custom stuff we have. Once we get the "Client" fixed and working, I fully anticipate releasing. For now just update as needed using the quick patch options. If you have experience making a standalone client installer, please reach out as I really need some stuff working quicker. In the interim, the server is open, we do not allow botting. If you're caught botting expect to be asked to turn it off. Or you will be tossed into the stockades (GM Jail). Update pending today.
Forum Changes!
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Good news everyone! The forums got an upgrade today, adding in a portal system which will be tweaked a bit. All new threads in announcement based forums will populate on the portal. I am working to adjust how it displays on mobile as I think the forum logo should oint straight to the forums, to make it easier on Mobile users. Please let me know how you feel!
Rebuild In Progress
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We have some exciting news! We're about 50% there to launch our fully supported Version locked XI. Prepare yourselves by updating the client to 30180427_2
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Alright guys let's take a huge leap towards our full launch with the new client 1.3 The patcher will fail to boot the game unless it's ran as an administrator. THIS MEANS IF YOU LAUNCH FROM THE INSTALLER IT WILL NOT BOOT THE GAME Right mouse click the shortcut that gets installed on your desktop and go down to properties, then select the compatability tab and then at the bottom check the box that says run as an administrator. Please enjoy and report all bugs and issues Bnet RO setup 1.3
Discord Adjustment
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RSS Feed added for Announcements forums. Enjoy!
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